2022年2月17日 加入可持续时尚运动的5种方法

T在这里’s a lot of buzz about the sustainable fashion movement, 你可能会想办法参与进来. beat365亚洲官方网站将在一起 the 5 best ways 你 can join the movement right away.

All of these habits reduce the impact of 你r wardrobe on the environment. Their main goals are to give clothing a longer life and to invest in pieces that are sustainably produced or repurposed.

Which of the 5 are 你 already in the habit of doing?

1. “商店”你的衣橱

Next time 你 have the urge to shop, try turning a fresh eye to 你r current closet. 很多时候beat365亚洲官方网站把货架装得太紧了, 把东西藏在抽屉里, 忽略beat365亚洲官方网站已经拥有的. A closet refresh is a great tactic for falling in love with what 你 already have! 按颜色整理衣服, store off-season pieces so 你r racks can breathe, and display 你r shoes and handbags on shelves so 你 can see them clearly. Then, play stylist and put together some new looks for the week.

2. 寻找可持续的收藏品

买新衣服的时候, look for clothing that’s sustainably produced with recycled materials or organic cotton. Some of the leading brands are starting to produce these pieces, 所以,只要有可能,请支持这些努力.

3. 修补你的衣服

Why not pick up a new sewing habit as part of 你r sustainable fashion discovery? One surefire way to extend the life of 你r clothing is to mend it. 看到 beat365亚洲官方网站的博客文章和视频教程 并开始学习.

4. 二手商店

On those days 你 decide it’s time to add a new piece to 你r closet, shop secondhand! beat365亚洲官方网站有 美国各地的商店.S. filled with gently used clothing and accessories that are looking for a new home.

5. 买卖不需要的衣服

Even better, bring in 你r pre-loved clothing to a buy-sell-trade store to earn cash or store credit towards 你r next purchase. You’ll keep clothing out of landfills by aiming to get it into the hands of someone who will love it.


These are just 5 ways to join the sustainable fashion movement today. Start with one and 你’ll see how easy it is to combine 你r love of fashion and the planet.



2022年2月16日 迎接2022年春季时尚潮流

beat365亚洲官方网站一直在耐心等待 it’s finally time to meet the Spring 2022 fashion trends!

We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites below, but take a look at our complete 销售指导 感谢beat365亚洲官方网站名单上的一切. beat365亚洲官方网站有30种趋势 来激发你的灵感. 现在春天正式进入倒计时.


Mini lengths are still as popular as ever, but maxi lengths have returned for 2022. 长裙和连衣裙.



Whether it’s big florals or dainty designs, fall in love with boldy romantic prints this season.



No need to actually hit the court: just mix tennis pleats, 跟踪的裤子, 还有运动运动鞋.



The return of the kitten heel is 在这里, so find a cute pair that puts a little “spring” in 你r step.



This classic spring jacket returns for another season. A moto jacket makes any look cooler and can be worn effortlessly over a t-shirt and jeans, 或者穿着飘逸的太阳裙.


大袋 & 手提袋

是的! Big bags and totes in soft leather and bright colors are 在这里 for spring. 是时候找到你的完美伴侣了. 你知道beat365亚洲官方网站有库存的 在beat365亚洲官方网站的商店.


除了beat365亚洲官方网站 春季销售指南, we featured spring 2022 fashion trends in our latest photoshoot. 你得看看beat365亚洲官方网站创建的lookbook 在这里! Then, kick off spring with us by visiting one of beat365亚洲官方网站的商店 to 买、卖或交易.




In honor of Black History Month, we are amplifying the work and stories of 十字路口 employees. Today we spotlight two employees at our Melrose store: 阿莉莎 & 莎拉.


爱丽丝娅: To embrace the past, present and future of the culture, art, history and pride with love and respect.

莎拉: Representation/celebration of all the wonderful aspects of Black Culture. 它不仅是一种庆祝活动, it is also an acknowledgment of all the hardships and struggles we’ve gone through and how we persevered.

Is t在这里 a Black leader or figure who inspires 你?

爱丽丝娅: 我从五岁起就开始跳舞了, Alvin Ailey was always a present figure in my life, from posters on my wall to training the style to going to classes at his academy in New York.

莎拉: Malcolm X and 罗莎·帕克斯, amongst many others, inspire me heavily. 罗莎·帕克斯, 特别是, because she was so resilient and stayed strong when she faced many injustices. 马尔科姆·艾克斯也一样. They both inspire me because they had the mindset of, “If not me, then who will?” That is something I try to implement into my lifestyle.




爱丽丝娅: Being a part of Beyoncé’s feature music video “Black Is King” was THE PROUDEST MOMENT in my life, especially because I was a dancer for the “Brown Skin Girl” segment. 整个过程我的下巴都抬起来了.

莎拉: Definitely stepping out of my comfort zone quite frequently. Whether it be putting myself in situations that may seem scary but turn out to be beneficial.


爱丽丝娅: 为史蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格工作. I got somewhat close when I got the call to audition for “Westside Story,但那是在纽约, 当时我已经在做一个项目了. I wish I could turn back time and put my butt on the plane.

莎拉: 成为一名职业舞蹈演员. This has been a dream of mine for a few years, and I won’t stop until I achieve it.


How has 你r background shaped 你r personal style?

爱丽丝娅: 看到ing the styles in the early 2000’s really made me pick and choose what I like, from natural hair to natural nails to then go into natural neutrals in clothes and wardrobes.

莎拉: My background has shaped my style by not letting anyone change my mindset on what suits me and how I 穿 it. Learning not to care about other people’s opinions when it comes to my style is so refreshing.


爱丽丝娅: I sew, cosplay and have been using those talents towards costumes for TV and Film. Dance is my first love, but costumes will always be on the same pedestal. 老实说,我过着两种生活.

莎拉: 去上舞蹈课. Taking dance classes is something that I have been doing for the past 3-4 years. I mainly enjoy taking hip-hop classes at studios in LA.

What is something people may be surprised to know about 你?

爱丽丝娅: 我是一个游戏玩家和动漫网迷! Someone the other day said, “The cake is a lie,” and I know it was a reference to the game “Portal.他们非常震惊. 之后beat365亚洲官方网站聊了30分钟游戏.

莎拉: I am actually such an introverted and shy person.

"黑乐"对你来说意味着什么? 你生活中哪些方面给你带来的快乐最多?

爱丽丝娅: 作为一个黑人,毫无歉意地感到快乐. 去爱你所爱的,并彻底享受它. 没有任何问题被询问. 艺术给我带来快乐. 所有的艺术. 这就是我在这个世界上应该做的. I don’t want to do art; I NEED to do art.

莎拉: Embracing w在这里ver 你 come from and appreciating all the differences because that’s what makes 你, 你. My family and friends 100% bring me the most joy. I love being surrounded by people that I love, and that love me.


2022年2月10日 Q & @windycitythrifter的凯特琳

We’re so happy when 你 tag us on Instagram and show us 你r 十字路口 finds! After a while, we feel like we get to know 你 and 你r style very well. 凯特琳就是这样的 @windycitythrifter. We feel like old friends, having seen her amazing secondhand finds 多年来. beat365亚洲官方网站早该这么说了&A.

继续阅读,了解生态设计师的生活, Kaitlin IGTV系列, 还有她在beat365亚洲官方网站店里找到的私奔礼服.

嗨Kaitlin! 请分享一些关于你自己的事情. 

I’m a millennial Chicago transplant, originally hailing from Upstate NY. 风格和表演是我毕生的爱好, and I’ve been able to grow upon them in the beautiful Windy City. 我和我最好的朋友结婚了. 风城节俭, and we enjoy going on hikes with our rescue pittie and exploring how we can do our part to combat climate change.


beat365亚洲官方网站知道你是十字路口的老客户. 谢谢大家! When did 你 first find us, and are t在这里 any favorite #crossroadsfinds that stand out in 你r mind? 

I first found 十字路口 when I moved to Chicago in 2012. In fact, my first two Instagram posts were taken in a 十字路口 dressing room! 手了, my favorite 十字路口 find was a cream button-down Free People dress that I found in June 2019, 我和我的伴侣订婚后一个月. I originally had plans to 穿 it for my wedding shower (which I eventually did in 2021). 然而, when we had to postpone our 2020 wedding and decided to elope, donning this dress made me feel so beautiful as I married my best friend!


你是一个eco-stylist. 这听起来令人惊奇的. 这个角色是什么样的? 
作为一个eco-stylist, I help folks cultivate a more sustainable and budget-friendly wardrobe by styling them with secondhand pieces and helping create “new-to-them” looks from their existing closet. We connect on their wardrobe needs and goals prior to the session so we can pull and buy pieces with clear intentions. This way my clients feel confident about their purchases and how they’ll integrate them into their existing closets.


We noticed 你’re creating content over on IGTV too. 请告诉beat365亚洲官方网站更多信息.
I love utilizing video to spread secondhand love, so over on 我IGTV 你 can find some of my “Thrifty Wedding” content and “Intention-haul” series. I created my “Intention-haul” series in 2020 as a way to encourage others to join me on a journey of conscious and mindful consumerism. It’s a way to hold myself accountable for my own secondhand consumption. It has sparked incredible conversations in the community, and I believe the more we communicate in these spaces, beat365亚洲官方网站就能更好地前进!


What’s 你r best advice for shopping in a secondhand store? 
My absolute best advice is to go into the store with a solid idea of what 你 already own and a clear list of what 你 need to fill the gaps in 你r wardrobe. 耐心也是关键. When we consume slowly, we’re able to make the most mindful and long-lasting purchases!


Thank 你, Kaitlin, for spreading the word about sustainable secondhand fashion!

If 你 liked this article, 你’ll enjoy our other Q&和芭芭拉一起得A @barbara.去.穿 和Piera @hipiera.



2022年2月8日 3 Trailblazing Black-Owned Fashion Labels We Covet

T在这里 are some labels that cross the selling counters of beat365亚洲官方网站的商店 让beat365亚洲官方网站眼花缭乱. 今天,为了纪念黑人历史月,beat365亚洲官方网站一起分享 3 trailblazing Black-owned fashion labels that left a big mark on the industry (and our closets).


In 2013, the late Virgil Abloh founded his Milan-based label, 白色的. His innovative approach to merging street穿 with luxury was born from an architectural background, 了解芝加哥街头时尚, 以及与坎耶·维斯特的合作. By 2018, sales and popularity proved that 白色的 was the hottest label in the world.

Abloh later took his creativity to Louis Vuitton, w在这里 he became the first African-American artistic director at the renowned fashion house.

We’re always excited to see 白色的 items from sellers, including popular collaboration pieces with brands like Converse.



This Brooklyn-based label was founded by Liberian-American, Telfar克莱门斯, 并以其无性别时装作品而闻名. It’s partnered with a wide range of people and brands, 包括胸诺尔斯, UGG, 和白色的城堡.

Telfar购物袋是它的明星产品. Crafted in vegan leather and embossed with the labels’ signature “T”, it consistently sells out and is often referred to as the “Bushwick Birkin”. beat365亚洲官方网站喜欢他们进入beat365亚洲官方网站的商店!



The 芬蒂 label was produced under LVHM from 2017 to 2021. 它是由蕾安娜创立的, who became the first Black woman to head a fashion label with the French luxury company. The brand debuted with pop-up stores in Paris and New York. It carried a full line of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The timing of the pandemic ultimately proved too much for the brand, but its sunglasses and jewelry often sold out and remain some of our favorite pieces.


Of course, this is only scratching the surface of trailblazing Black-owned fashion labels. 哪三个是你最喜欢的?